How to prepare for a smooth and stress-free move?

Moving is undoubtedly a great challenge that must be faced. The number of things to be transferred seems to be endless, packing things into cartons is twice as slow as we assumed, the cartons mentioned are obviously missing. It is simply beyond our capabilities! How is it possible that all these things fit into my house ?!

Let’s ask ourselves, does the move really have to be stressful? Well no! Thanks to the help of a moving company and the use of appropriate solutions and a planned strategy, we can go through the entire process without stress, what’s more – with pleasure and joy!

Start preparing for the move in good time

Usually, we know about the upcoming move early enough, let’s take advantage of this fact and start preparing as soon as possible. Below we advise you on how to do it and what to do in advance.

1. Get rid of unnecessary things

This is very important, because why pay to move unnecessary things? We recommend that you complete this process as early as possible, as it usually takes a long time. Let’s take a look at all the compartments and nooks and crannies, and we will certainly find a lot of unused stuff there. If we have doubts as to the usefulness of individual goods, we can successfully use the statement that if a given item has not been used for the last two years, we do not need it with a high degree of certainty.

We can simply throw away the unnecessary things we have prepared, but it is worth considering whether we could give them to someone. This is where social networks, advertisements, etc. can be helpful, where we can post our items for donation. Let’s think if we don’t have someone nearby to whom we could offer useless things, maybe neighbors, nearby friends?

2. Get rid of supplies, such as food

Moving, or actually the time before moving, is a great time to get rid of larger inventory. So use what is left on the shelves, eat frozen food, canned goods, drink water, use chemicals, remaining supplies.

Do not buy new products in stock in the immediate time before the move, stock up only on a regular basis.

3. Choose a company to handle the removal

Remember to choose the company to move in early. Dates in good moving companies must be booked well in advance, it is safe to do so 2 weeks before the planned date of the move. Remember that every move is different and has many different details. The most convenient way is to take advantage of the advance free visual inspections offered by removal companies. A specialist is sent to us for this purpose, who will assess all the parameters of the move and make a service quote.

When choosing a company, pay attention to references, whether the company has a stationary address, insurance policy, qualified personnel. It is recommended to sign a contract with the chosen company to avoid any surprises. A good way is also to use the services of a proven and recommended company by trusted people, e.g. family, neighbors. Unfortunately, the opinions found on the Internet are largely untrue, and are often written by people acting on behalf of these companies.

4. Notify anyone interested about the change of address

Companies supplying you with gas, water, electricity or banks and other institutions should be notified in advance about the planned change of address and arrange all the related formalities.

It is also worth going to the post office, where we can temporarily plan the redirection of correspondence to a new address.

5. Packing property into cartons

Every self-respecting moving company provides its customers with cardboard boxes and other packaging materials, among them there should be the so-called cardboard wardrobe cabinets, i.e. a large cardboard box with a railing on which clothes can be hung so that they can travel. In addition, make sure that books, documents and other papers are packed in appropriately small cardboard boxes, so that the weight of the packed cardboard does not exceed 25 kg.

The easiest and least stressful solution is to outsource the packing to the company after the move – specialists will pack everything using the right materials for each assortment.