Private removals

Moving private persons is the most popular order in our company. We make several hundred of them a year.

This type of removal is a big responsibility on the part of the moving company, because the client gives us the possessions of his life, including things of great value, not only material, but also sentimental.

Optima employees are aware of the responsibility they take when carrying out your Relocation. At every stage, whether it is during the packing of property, during loading, during transport or unloading, they will take care of the safety of your belongings in a proper way.

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Choose the type of relocation


Factors such as the distance between addresses, international procedures, a number of regulations and documents affect the seriousness of the problem of international relocation.

and offices

Changing the seat is a big challenge, in order to avoid stress and chaos at work for a long time, office relocations must be carefully planned in advance.

Rental of
furniture cars

For maximum safety of transported goods, we choose the most appropriate passage to reduce the risk of damage to any transported item.

For many years we have been taking care to meet every challenge that is presented to us. We approach each removal service individually – it allows us to operate effectively and efficiently. It is this feature that distinguishes us from other companies offering removal services in Warsaw.

It’s worth trusting us.