How to plan a company’s move so as not to seriously disrupt its operations?

moving company

Moving a company is usually associated with positive changes taking place in it, i.e. with the development of the business, expanding it with new services and types of goods, and employing more employees. Each of these situations forces the owners to increase the usable space – both in the office and in the company’s warehouse. In the text below, you will learn how to plan your company’s relocation so as not to disrupt its operations more seriously.

What steps must be followed to make a smooth relocation of the company?
Before we start the work closely related to the move, it is worth organizing a company meeting during which we will inform employees about the plans related to the change of headquarters, thus preparing them for the upcoming events. At this point, it is also worth designating people who will be responsible for the next steps related to the move. These include activities such as:

  • Choosing a reliable moving company;
  • preparation of office and electronic equipment for transport – adequate protection of both furniture, computers and electronics for transport over a longer distance;
  • securing valuable company and employee documentation.

Although the removals of Warsaw companies, to a greater or lesser extent, disrupt the day-to-day functioning of enterprises, thanks to a good plan and division of tasks, they certainly allow to reduce the related difficulties. Many companies consider the holiday season to be the optimal time to organize a move, when – due to numerous holidays – it serves a smaller number of customers than usual.

However, it should be remembered that the moving company also sends its employees on holidays and due to the increased number of orders it may be difficult to match the right date for the move, so you should plan and book a date as far in advance as possible.

How should furniture and office equipment be properly packed?
In order to make sure that the transported items will not be damaged, it is worth preparing them for transport in advance. To pack tables, chairs, cabinets and monitors securely, you will need rolls of bubble wrap, adhesive tape, stretch film, durable cardboard boxes and air fillers.

It is also worth agreeing with the moving company that their experienced employees will take care of packing sensitive things such as equipment.